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New Year, New Faces at the IWL

As we dive into the 2017-18 school year, we would like to share some updates from the IWL. Jean Beaupre, former Faculty Director of the IWL, has moved to an Advisory Role, and Rachel Ferreira has taken over as Director. Supporting Rachel as Program Coordinator is recent graduate Rachael Fassnacht ’17, previously a member of the IWL Student Advisory Panel. Rachel, Rachael, and Jean share their thoughts below.

RachelFrom Rachel Ferreira, Director: My sister graduated in 2010 from Nichols College, and I found my way here because I saw the impact this institution had on her. Now in my role as the Director of the Institute for Women’s Leadership, I hope to directly impact current female students in their journey. My background is in international relations and human rights, and I know that bringing awareness to issues impacting women’s leadership here at Nichols is one direct way of promoting change.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 1.03.01 PMRachael Fassnacht ’17, Program Coordinator: I am a graduate of Nichols College, in my fourth year, pursuing my dual MSA/MBA. As a panelist for the three years of my undergrad, I am dedicated to the discussion of women and leadership. To me, the two go hand in hand. It is important for these conversations to encourage Nichols students regarding the future of their leadership as women in business.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.20.30 AMFrom Jean Beaupre, Faculty Advisor: After four years of serving as the Faculty Director of the IWL, I am thrilled to see it enter its next phase. Rachel is an amazing choice to take the reins, and I know the IWL and our students are in great hands. Also, it’s wonderful to see Rachael come back as a graduate and continue her contributions. I’m excited to see where  the IWL goes next, and am happy to be able to support their efforts in an advisory role, as I take on a new one of my own as Chair of our new Communication B.A.


What’s Ahead for IWL

We plan to focus our theme this year around confidence and the effects it has on women in business. Whether it be professional development, networking, or negotiation of the wage gap, confidence can play an enormous part in how women strive to close the gender gap.

Our upcoming events include:

Lean In Circles: Monthly gatherings for discussions among students regarding issues they are facing. Each month a new facilitator brings a new voice and perspective.

Conversation Projects: Dinner gatherings where students have the opportunity to meet and network with visiting professionals in a comfortable, conversational setting.

Socials & Workshops: Students are able to further their professional development with networking and negotiation skills through our immersive social and workshopping events designed to raise awareness.

Conferences: We invite our students to represent Nichols at the largest women’s conference in the country — the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston — and are proud to host our own Empowering Women in Business Conference here on campus, welcoming professional women in the region for networking, skill building, and inspiration.

Please click here to see the current schedule for Fall 2017.

A Busy March

As we wrap up Women’s History Month, here is a look back at what has been a busy and exciting March for IWL.

On March 1, IWL welcomed back alumnae to a special event in honor of the College’s bicentennial — “March Forward: Celebrating the Women of Nichols.” It has been 40 years since women joined the Nichols campus as students, and it felt the perfect time to celebrate all of their accomplishments and stories. The day began with a networking breakfast during which alumnae, students, and faculty/staff caught up with old friends and connected with new ones. On display were a series of trade-show style panels of images, qMarchForwarduotes, statistics, and stories of women both on campus and beyond. Returning alumnae appreciated the opportunity to tour Fels Student Center and visit the bookstore. After lunch, the event moved to Daniels Auditorium where a panel of Featured Alumnae participated in a panel discussion on women’s leadership. Many thanks to Deb Cote, Heidi DeGrazia, Nancy Gervais, Catherine Morrissey, and Tammy Wolf for their participation. Click here to see the commemorative booklet developed for this event.

On March 26, Nichols College once again presented the Empowering Women in Business conference. This year’s keynote speaker was Amy Roloff of TLC’s Little People, Big World. Ms. Roloff shared both her personal and professional stories with the sold-out crowd, in a talk entitled “Being the Entrepreneur of YOU.” Attendees chose from a variety of professional workshops on topics such as financial planning, starting a business, nurturing your creativity, and more. Networking and a light dinner buffet completed the event as guests had the opportunity to visit over 20 exhibitor/vendor booths.



And finally, IWL is proud to announce the inaugural edition of the Massachusetts Women’s Leadership Index. You can read about it here.

April holds many other great things in store – stay tuned! And as always, contact us with any questions.

Developing the leaders of tomorrow

Welcome to the website for the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Nichols College. Here you will find fascinating facts about women and leadership, interesting interviews, and an opportunity to comment on issues of the day. We invite you to join us as we celebrate women’s unique leadership qualities, delve into the issues facing women today, and encourage the leaders of tomorrow. Suggestions and comments are always welcomed.