IWL Launches College Connection Program

By Alyce Viens, Program Coordinator for IWL

new-granteeOn October 28, 2015 the Institute for Women’s Leadership will be hosting its first College Connection event. This event, made possible by a grant from the American Association of University Women, consists of 20 female Bartlett High School juniors coming to campus to gain valuable skills in dreaming their future, exploring possibilities, creating sound goals and practicing networking skills. What is most significant about this event is that the students will be taught by 10 Nichols College student mentors. These mentors will guide the high school students throughout the day, acting as instructors and delivering valuable knowledge and skills. This event is the first of two College Connection events. The second, in the spring, will focus on the college experience by preparing students for the college process, how to prepare and what to expect. We are excited to launch this program and look forward to meeting all of the Bartlett High students! And, we express our sincere gratitude to AAUW for selecting our program as a grant recipient.

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