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IWL Celebrates Confidence Week

by Alyce Viens

IMG_4239“If you can dream it, you can do it.” “Life is your canvas, paint it.” These are just two of the empowered messages the Nichols campus received on Monday, November 2nd. Created by members of IWL’s student advisory panel, “Feel Good Flowers” was an event designed to empower the Nichols community. Empowering messages were attached to flowers and handed out all around campus during the day by members of the IWL Student Advisory Panel.

IMG_4240Tyler Hussey ’18, panel member and creator of the event, says: “Feel Good Flowers was a way to spread positivity, empowerment, and happiness within the Nichols community. We crafted this idea to lift the spirits of people. Being able to see faces light up with happiness and joy is so uplifting. Our community was happier and felt more empowered to be themselves.”










Feel Good Flowers was the beginning of Confidence Week. Monday afternoon, students came to watch “Miss Representation,” a documentary that examines how women are portrayed in the media and the implications it has on society.

circle-logo-largeOn Wednesday, November 4th, the second of the student Lean In Circles was held where the theme was confidence. Members of the circle shared their experiences with confidence, discussed why confidence is an issue among women and learned strategies for communicating with confidence as they move forward in their lives.

We encourage all women to be confident in themselves, their ability, and to unlock their full potential! Mandy Hale, a New York Times best-selling author, said, “A confident woman, a woman who truly knows her worth and her power, is a force to be reckoned with.”

Nichols Hosts Bartlett H.S. Students

audienceOn Wednesday, October 28, the Institute for Women’s Leadership hosted 18 female juniors from Bartlett High School for the first College Connection Day. We are thrilled to report that this event was a huge success and exceeded all of our expectations. The day was primarily led by nine Nichols College student “mentors” who guided the students throughout the day in exploring their possibilities, dreaming their futures, setting goals, and practicing networking skills.


The day began with some fun ice breakers as the students got to know each other and their Nichols mentors for the day. From there, we brought back five recent Nichols graduates for a panel to discuss their experiences, give guidance to the students, and answer student questions about the progression of their careers. panel2The panel members emphasized to students that you never know where you may end up and to take every opportunity possible.

The day then moved into activities designed to help students dream their futures and set goals. Students developed their own vision boards and created a SMART goal with the help of our Nichols mentors. Following lunch in Lombard Dining Hall, the day closed out with the development of personal elevator pitches and mock networking. panel4Students were asked to select someone they might like to meet. For some it was someone from a field in which they are interested, for others it was a college admissions counselor. Faculty and staff volunteers came to role-play, helping students with networking skills like body language, proper handshakes, and introductions.

The event was a huge success and, we hope, got the Bartlett students thinking more about their futures. The College Connection Day will continue with a session in the spring, geared towards helping students navigate the college application process. First, we must thank the American Association of University Women for providing IWL with the grant that helped make this event possible. We would also like to extend thanks to the staff members around campus who dedicated their time to the event. We are grateful to Bartlett High School for allowing us the opportunity to make a difference with their students. Finally, we must extend a huge thanks to our Nichols student mentors who were excellent teachers and role models for the (1)

IWL Launches College Connection Program

By Alyce Viens, Program Coordinator for IWL

new-granteeOn October 28, 2015 the Institute for Women’s Leadership will be hosting its first College Connection event. This event, made possible by a grant from the American Association of University Women, consists of 20 female Bartlett High School juniors coming to campus to gain valuable skills in dreaming their future, exploring possibilities, creating sound goals and practicing networking skills. What is most significant about this event is that the students will be taught by 10 Nichols College student mentors. These mentors will guide the high school students throughout the day, acting as instructors and delivering valuable knowledge and skills. This event is the first of two College Connection events. The second, in the spring, will focus on the college experience by preparing students for the college process, how to prepare and what to expect. We are excited to launch this program and look forward to meeting all of the Bartlett High students! And, we express our sincere gratitude to AAUW for selecting our program as a grant recipient.