Why Conversations Matter

On Monday, October 21, we welcomed Kathy Real, Publisher of Worcester Magazine, to campus for a Conversation Project dinner. Over Italian food at the cozy Black Tavern, Kathy shared some of her experiences in the world of publishing and sales, and discussed some of the challenges and opportunities she’s faced in her career as a female. A small group of students shared some of the situations they’ve faced as women in their jobs or at school. We told stories, laughed, and found a lot of commonality in our very human experiences.


Conversation Project October 21, 2013, The Black Tavern

In thinking about this dinner, it strikes me how easily connections can be made and common ground can be found when we sit down, slow down, and focus on making good conversation with the other people at the table. It’s a fast-paced world we live in, and in business, in school, and in life, we often spend our time on the details, on the numbers, on the due dates. But it’s nice — and necessary — to step away from our fast-paced lives, put aside those deadlines, details, and numbers, and simply talk. After all, isn’t connecting with others a key to success – both individually and organizationally?


What do you think? Should we plan for more conversations and fewer meetings? Share your thoughts and ideas below.


The Conversation Project is a Nichols College program co-sponsored by the Institute for Women’s Leadership and the Women of Nichols. A small group of students is invited to have dinner with a special female guest, hear her stories, ask questions, and chat in an intimate, casual setting.



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