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Lean In Circle for Students

By Olivia Barrett ’16 & Lindsey Oliver ‘16

circle-logo-largeTrending topic of the week over here at the IWL is our upcoming student Lean In Circle on Wednesday February 3, 2016. First things first, this is NOT A BOOK CLUB. The purpose of Lean in Circles is to bring the females of communities closer together by generating discussion about topics presented in Sheryl Sandberg’s best-selling book, Lean In. The Circle provides females with a safe and comfortable environment to discuss and learn about topics including: work-life balance, confidence, feminism, leadership, and so much more.

Our goal at the Nichols College IWL Lean In Circles is to enable the female student body to gain insight and knowledge from others in the group. The topic of discussion for the February 3 Circle is Feminism. We are going to explore what feminism means to different individuals, talk about men as feminists, and consider the difference between a good and bad feminist. All female students are welcome; see flyer below for details.

Stay tuned next week for our blog post recapping the first Lean In Circle of the semester.

Lean In Circle Invite Feb 3

IWL Spring Preview

We had a very busy fall semester at IWL! From conversations to negotiations to connections, IWL was committed to preparing our students for future leadership roles, and spreading messages of gender equality. While students have been back home for winter break, we have been busy planning for the spring semester. We are very excited for everyone to get back and continue with IWL’s mission. Here is a preview of some of the events coming!

  • Conversation Projects: We will be continuing with our Conversation Projects for the spring semester. Last semester we brought women from fields of sales and marketing, hospitality, human resources, entrepreneurship, and criminal justice management. We hope to bring women this semester that will reach some of the other majors on campus as well.
  • Lean In Circles: We will be continuing these monthly “Women of Nichols” Circles for female students, and launching a professional circle as well. The Circles are a comfortable and supportive way to meet others, and get motivated and inspired. You can learn more about the global movement that is Lean In Circles here.
  • College Connection: The second day of our College Connection program will take place in March. The same junior students from Bartlett High School will return to campus for a workshop themed around the college experience, transition and application process. We are also thrilled to be welcoming Katlyn Grasso, CEO of GenHERation, to talk to the Nichols community and the Bartlett students about her journey as a young entrepreneur.
  • Empowering Women in Business Conference: The 6th annual conference will take place on March 24th, bringing over 150 local women together to learn from presenters, network and hear from our keynote speaker, Adrienne Haslet-Davis, ballroom dancer and survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing. Registration is open!
  • Equal Pay Day Bake Sale: Last year, we hosted our Equal Pay Day Bake Sale, where the women paid less than the men for the baked goods, the equivalent of the gender wage gap. It was a fun and great way to spread awareness. We will host this bake sale again in April.

These are just a few of the upcoming events for the spring semester. Stay tuned for a full schedule. Have an idea for an event? Tweet us @iwl_nichols or email us @

IWL Celebrates Confidence Week

by Alyce Viens

IMG_4239“If you can dream it, you can do it.” “Life is your canvas, paint it.” These are just two of the empowered messages the Nichols campus received on Monday, November 2nd. Created by members of IWL’s student advisory panel, “Feel Good Flowers” was an event designed to empower the Nichols community. Empowering messages were attached to flowers and handed out all around campus during the day by members of the IWL Student Advisory Panel.

IMG_4240Tyler Hussey ’18, panel member and creator of the event, says: “Feel Good Flowers was a way to spread positivity, empowerment, and happiness within the Nichols community. We crafted this idea to lift the spirits of people. Being able to see faces light up with happiness and joy is so uplifting. Our community was happier and felt more empowered to be themselves.”










Feel Good Flowers was the beginning of Confidence Week. Monday afternoon, students came to watch “Miss Representation,” a documentary that examines how women are portrayed in the media and the implications it has on society.

circle-logo-largeOn Wednesday, November 4th, the second of the student Lean In Circles was held where the theme was confidence. Members of the circle shared their experiences with confidence, discussed why confidence is an issue among women and learned strategies for communicating with confidence as they move forward in their lives.

We encourage all women to be confident in themselves, their ability, and to unlock their full potential! Mandy Hale, a New York Times best-selling author, said, “A confident woman, a woman who truly knows her worth and her power, is a force to be reckoned with.”